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Adware and Spyware Removal Tool

XoftSpy was created to provide you with the ultimate anti-spyware solution. Find and remove infected files immediately whether they reside in running processes, files, folders, or registry entries. There is nowhere for spyware or adware to hide with Xoft Spy.

Xoft Spy has one of the largest spyware databases of any spyware removal tool and includes automatic feature updates for protection against new spyware and adware. Once Xoft Spy find the infection, it labels it for you and indicates its threat level. Delete all the threats, or only specific ones.

Let XoftSpy scan your computer for spyware and other threats. Protect your identity from spyware threats today. View actual screenshots of XoftSpy in action below or download the free trial.

XoftSpy Review
Check out our antispyware reviews to see how XoftSpy stacks up against the top spyware removers on the market.

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Running software like XoftSpy will undoubtedly save you the expense of needing a computer technician and the headache from having your computer's performance decrease over time.

XoftSpy Features:

  • Protects against spyware, adware, pop-up ads, trojans, and keyloggers.
  • Settings for automatic updates.
  • Scans files, folders, registry entries, and running processes.

The features listed above may not be available in the trial version. Get an XoftSpy license and start protecting your computer from spyware today.

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XoftSpy Antispyware Software

XoftSpy is a robust adware and spyware removal tool. Review the features in detail below along with actual screenshots.

XoftSpy Scan

Click image to enlarge screenshot

XoftSpy will scan your computer quickly and report the system objects scanned along with the type and level of the threat.



Click image to enlarge screenshot

The XoftSpy scan settings window enables you to select the depth of your scan. Choose to scan browser hijackers, the registry, active processes, host files, and system folders.



Click image to enlarge screenshot

The general settings window will allow you to manage XoftSpy and how it runs on your computer. Choose to launch XoftSpy at startup and whether XoftSpy should check for updates automatically.



Click image to enlarge screenshot

Upon completion of the scan, XoftSpy will present a list of the scan results. Choose whether to remove the spyware infection or view details of the infection's characteristics.


Download XoftSpySE


XoftSpy download - free trial
Please note that the free trial is a limited version of XoftSpy. An XoftSpy license is necessary to protect your computer from spyware.

Buy XoftSpy securely online today.

XoftSpy comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Let XoftSpy scan your computer for spyware and adware today.



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