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Super Antispyware Reviews
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Super Antispyware came out a few years back. It was a small little company that created a great product that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Server 2008, Vista, 7
Price: $29.95 USD
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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Super Antispyware Review
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What It Does:
Super Antispyware 2012 is the latest release of SuperAntispyware.com's Anti-Malware scanner designed to keep your system safe and secure from various threats that can compromise your system's security.

Unlike the last release of Super Antispyware, the installation was quick, and I experienced no lags or hanging at all after startup. The installation procedure was pretty much the same as before.


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Super Antispyware Features:

Below is a screenshot of the installation in progress. The user will be asked at some point if they would like to install the ask.com toolbar. This is entirely optional, and left to the user's discretion. Since I stick with using Google's search engine, I opted not to install the toolbar.
  Super Antispyware

Super Antispyware Antispyware Program

After a fresh installation, Super Antispyware will notify the user that they've "missed" a scheduled scan. I consider it a minor bug, since I opted not to run an initial system diagnostic, but it's not one that's really of any consequence. Also, at this point, Super Antispyware will download and extract the latest updates, provided the user has opted to do so.

The interface hasn't really changed at all since the last major software release. In "preferences", the options and settings are identical as well. The tabs that are available from "preferences" allow the user to edit various aspects of scanning behavior, including realtime protection, system hijack prevention and updates.

To see what the latest version of Super Antispyware 2012 has to offer, we'll go ahead with a standard scan of the primary hard drive. Since I have several other applications running at full throttle, I'll also opt to go with the "low boost" scan option.

Below is a screenshot of the scan initializing.

... And another screenshot of the scan in progress. At this point in time, it claims to have detected approximately 506 threats. Upon inspection, these all turned out to be standard advertisement cookies. While cookies can be used to track your browsing habits, generally speaking, they pose little actual security threat. The most they do is take up space in your browser cache, which I try to clean weekly, just to keep things running efficiently.

The scan in its entirety took just under an hour. Not bad at all.

After scanning the primary drive, other than the cookies, no other false positives were generated. When I ran Super Antispyware against a random sampling of my malware archive, the results weren't exactly impressive, but they weren't really horrible either. It seemed to detect a lot of the more current threats, which is what was advertised. It did miss a few threats, but none that were really serious.

Ease Of Use:
The interface is pretty easy to use and geared towards novice users, however, the "preferences" section of Super AntiSpyware is geared towards more advanced users. It's still easy to use, and most users can easily get by without adjusting any settings.

Super Antispyware 2012 was quick to install, and was a bit more effective at detecting malware than the previous release. Although it's still a far cry from more advanced security applications, it still has a lot of features that are useful in keeping your system safe and secure.

Quick scantimes, no false positives on applications, no noticeable impact on system performance, does a much better job of detecting more recent threats.

Detects standard advertising cookies as a threat, overall lower scan rates. Many clients do this and they should not. A Cookie can not hurt you.

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