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Webroot the makers of SpySweeper have changed the name of the product to Secure Anyware and added in ant-virus protection.

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Server 2008, Vista, 7
Price: $29.95 USD NEW Product cost $39.95
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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SpySweeper Review
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What It Does:
Webroot SpySweeper detects the latest malware threats and keeps your system safe and secure.

Webroot Spysweeper's installation took approximately 10 minutes, including a system restart


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SpySweeper Features:

SpySweeper is an advanced spyware remover program that can remove very stuborn spyware. This product does not play nice with some other anti-virus vendors like McAfee.
  SpySweeper AKA Secure Anywhere

SpySweeper Antispyware Program

When installing, the first thing that the user is prompted for is to install the Ask.com toolbar. Unless you really want/and or need the ask toolbar, there's no real reason to install it. I opted not to.

SpySweeper install

The user is then asked if they would like to install Webroot Spysweeper, or Webroot Spysweeper With Antivirus. Since we're not technically testing antivirus products against each other, we'll opt to install Webroot Spysweeper.

SpySweeper setup

Next, the user is required to provide a valid email address.

SpySweeper  registration

Below is a screenshot of the latest database files being downloaded.

SpySweeper update

... And the appropriate screenshot of the actual installation in progress. Downloading the database takes a few minutes, along with this part.

SpySweeper still installing

After the installation is complete, the user is then asked if they would like to restart their system now or later.

SpySweeper install complete

Once the system is rebooted, Webroot SpySweeper then asks the user if they would like to join the "WARN" community to help fight security threats. The explaination of what the WARN Community is can be found at http://support.webroot.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1577. Essentially, it's just asking if you'll anonymously upload any quarantined files so Webroot can research them.

SpySweeper setup scan

The user is then prompted to set scheduled scans for Webroot Spysweeper.

SpySweeper schedule scan

After that, Webroot SpySweeper notifies the user that the setup is complete. I'm not trying to be a nitpicker, but it seems most of the information that was either agreed to or entered could really have been consolidated into one interface, which really would have saved me the trouble of clicking "Next" several times.

SpySweeper setup complete

Finally, the main screen is shown, and we can finally test Webroot SpySweeper.

SpySweeper interface

Below is a screenshot of the scan in progress. Once the system scan was complete, I ran Webroot Spysweeper against the archive, where it detected only a few more samples than MBAM.

SpySweeper scanning

Under the "Shields" section, the user can choose to activate various SpySweeper security features designed to protect the system against attacks. There are a lot more features available when compared to other commercial anti-malware solutions.

SpySweeper Shields

The "Options" section allows users to further edit features of SpySweeper, the most notable of these being scanning behavior.

SpySweeper Options

Finally, the "Schedule" section shows any active and/or available scheduled scans, along with the ability to create new scheduled scans.

SpySweeper Shceduling

Ease Of Use:
Webroot SpySweeper's inteface is fairly easy to use, but it's geared more towards intermediate and advanced users. A novice user could get by with the default settings without any real problems.

The installation of Webroot SpySweeper was probably the longest and most interactive I've seen in a while, but the results were definitely worthwhile. Coupled with the fairly extensive security features and high detection rates, SpySweeper is definitely a good security solution worth looking into for anyone who wants their system to remain safe and secure from malware threats.

High detection rates, reasonable scantimes, no noticeable hit to system performance.

Long installation time.

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SpySweeper AKA Secure Anywhere  


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