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SpyHunter Reviews
Spyware Removal Software

SpyHunter offers a very easy to use interface. All in all it's a gret program to use to prevent and remove spyware.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Price: $39.99 USD (1 License)
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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SpyHunter Review
Review our spyware comparison chart and compare SpyHunter with other top spyware blockers. Learn about the best spyware removal programs on the web.

What It Does:
SpyHunter is a real-time and on-demand anti-malware scanner designed to protect your system from the latest security threats.

SpyHunter took several minutes to install, as the installation process included updating the database and the base components of SpyHunter to the latest version.


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SpyHunter Features:

SpyHunter works very well at removing stuborn spyware and great at scanning the registry for spyware threats. For the money I would opt for a full protection suite it will get the job done and let you take back control of your computer.
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SpyHunter Antispyware Program

The first thing SpyHunter does is download the latest components to install.

SpyHunter download

Before the actual installation begins, the user is prompted to choose a language.

SpyHunter language

Then the user is prompted to either accept or decline the EULA.

Below is a screenshot of the installation in progress.

SpyHunter update

After the installation is complete, SpyHunter then automatically updates the definitions.

SpyHuntermore updates

Below is another screenshot, but with SpyHunter performing an automatic standard scan of the system (already in progress). One of the first things SpyHunter scans is the system registry for any malicious entries.

SpyHunter scan

I decided to cancel the scan, and instead do a customized scan, only selecting the primary drive, and the system components to scan.

SpyHunter custom scan interface

After SpyHunter performed a custom scan, it only found one "threat", which was a standard advertising cookie and wasn't really anything to actually be concerned about. When I ran SpyHunter against the sample archive that I tested on other scanners, it had a similar detection rate to Super AntiSpyware. Between this and SAS, what one would miss, the other detected.

SpyHunter scan results

Below is a screenshot of the General Settings category, which allows the user to register SpyHunter, along with configuring SpyHunter's features.

SpyHunter General

The Network Sentry has various protection features for the system and Internet Explorer.

SpyHunter settings

The last section allows the user to define automated schedules for SpyHunter.

SpyHunter Scheduler

Ease Of Use:
SpyHunter has a pretty easy-to-use interface, with some options designed for intermediate to advanced users. No real learning curve is required for SpyHunter, since most of the default features are sufficient for adequate system protection and scanning.

The installation is significantly longer than most other anti-malware applications, but it certainly isn't the longest one I've seen. It automatically updates to the latest version of the scanner, which is pretty nice. A full system scan took about 45 minutes to complete, and it detected most of the threats in the malware sample archive that I ran it against. The price is fairly decent, but there are a few other cheaper solutions. That's not to say that SpyHunter isn't an effective solution, and it is something worth looking into.

Easy to use, decent scantimes, reasonable price, picked up some threats that others missed, detected most current threats.

A few other solutions do have cheaper price ranges, and SpyHunter doesn't detect everything (but neither do most other scanners)

SpyHunter Download

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