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MalwareBytes Reviews
Spyware Removal Software

MalwareBytes has long been one of the best spyware remover programs. Almost every computer tech on the planet has used this program to help remove stuborn spyware on computers.

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Price: $29.95 USD
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

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MalwareBytes Review
Review our spyware comparison chart and compare MalwareBytes with other top spyware blockers. Learn about the best spyware removal programs on the web.

What It Does:
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Scanner is designed to keep your system safe and secure from the latest threats.

MalwareByte's Anti-Malware Scanner took less than 20 seconds to install, after the typical information was entered required for MalwareByte's Anti-Malware installation.


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MalwareBytes Features:

In the images below, I will go over the screenshots and how MBAM functioned. Once we get to the good stuff, I will further explain the screenshots in greater detail, which is something that readers may want to stick around for. Once the installation was complete, I opted for MBAM to update its database.
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MalwareBytes Antispyware Program

MalwareBytes is packed full of features for keeping your computer safe from the dangers of spyware and adware. The 4 screenshots below demonstrate just how easy MalwareBytes is to use:

malwarebytes install

Once the database is updated, the user is notified of this, along with the previous and current database number.

malwarebytes confirmation

When MBAM actually starts up, a dialog box appears, asking the user if they would like to start a trial version of the software. If you have a license key, the software can always be registered via the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen.

malwarebytes trial

We'll opt to go for the full scan, and see if anything is on the system.

malwarebytes GUI

Below is a screenshot of the scan initializing. It takes about a minute or two before it starts actively scanning files.

malwarebytes start scan

Approximately 35 seconds into the scan.

malwarebytes final scan

It took about an hour for the scan to complete, and once it did, the results were as I expected, I had many infections on my test computer. I should after all as I infected the computer to ensure Malwarebytes would be able to detect and remove all the live threats.

Pay close attention to the values highlighted in red. The difference between the two of these times is exactly how long it took me to test the software, uninstall it, and start writing the review for it. Since the modified date of the binary, let alone the binary in question is not even present on my slipstream Windows XP install, that pretty much narrows things down. I'm willing to bet that perhaps this is a fluke of some kind, but the statistical likelihood of that are slim to none.

Most of the tabs are self explanatory, and pretty easy to follow. Here is what some of the more complex ones contain. Below is a screenshot of the "Protection" tab. This grants the user realtime protection.

The "settings" tab allows the user to edit various settings for MBAM.

Finally, FileAssassin can help with deleting "locked" files. This is particularly handy in removing stubborn malware components.

Ease Of Use:
MBAM's interface is pretty simplistic. Most users will want the default settings. That aside, the main part of the interface to be concerned with can be summed up as "3 types of scanning" and a "scan" button. It really doesn't get any more complex than that. These options are great for novice, intermediate and advanced users alike.

The installation was pretty quick and the scan was thorough. Admittedly, it caught something that I was completely unaware of, and I'm usually pretty careful about things like that. Although I feel some shame finding out that I was blindsided by a malware infection from a commercially recognized company, at the same time, I feel that consumers should be made aware of this as a legitimate concern. That aside, I ran MBAM against the same random sampling I've used for the other malware scanners, and it detected most of the samples as malware.

Works as advertised, reasonable price. Very easy to use interface. point, click, scan, virus free.

None, other than a few misses on the random samples. The traces the client normally misses on is a few minor left over values that pose no threat as it took care of the main parts of the virus that cause issues. This is typical of every spyware remover program.


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